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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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operation is far from over. >> algerian facility attacked an area where terrorists are holding hostages. the algerian government says there have been casualties it won't confirm how many have been killed, freed or being held. >> we have to prepare our self for possibilities of bad news ahead. >> u.s. secretary of state has algerian prime minister. but the white house would not aelaborate. >> we're in communication wtz algerian government. the president is being updated. ]m terrorists struck wednesday morning, attacking a bus carrying international workers being escorted by police. and the hostages were then moved. the defense secretary says the situation has been chaotic.
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>> you know intelligence officials believe this man is behind the attacks. also known as mr. marb -- marlboro. he's reportedly made tens of millions in ransom for kidna kidnappings and smugglings. the state department says there is concern other attacks may nbt work autos we want to make sure any of our citizens and companies are reviewing practice ootz state department says it's been in contact with american hostages families. >> a researcher at uc davis injured in a small explosion that took place inside of an apartment this morning. police say they were called around 1:30 a.m. when];=b this man showed up suffering from injuries to his hands. they evacuated the building. it's not clear what caused this explosion. >> uc reej yenlts conclude
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tleed days of meetings this afternoon in san francisco. all of the heavy hitters from sacramento were there with officials. >> governor brown came to tout an area of collaborations between legislature and uc system. >> is there is broad agreement here today that the state can no longer be relied on for funding as it has been in the past. doesn't that mean privatization? no. they say, but no one knows yet what the new model will look like. >> month one missed an opportunity and the budget influgs to prevent under graduate tuition increase kreess. no one missed an opportunity model has to be figured out going forward. brown boiled it down to too
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much spending, and a financial model that has to be overhauled in order for uc not just to survive, but thrive. there are no answers or solutions today, just a lot of talk about how this is a new era where legislature and regents will be working together unlike ever before. >> i think all of us recognize financial model is broken. it's just broken. we're going have to be creative. work around it. preserving research, quality, access for the students. >> this is a collective body with incredible intelligence. it's that intelligence that can keep the university great. even while it changes cost structure. >> increasing the number of online courses is a front runner as an idea to bring down costs but students are saying okay that is all right but tleefr that they are like a supplement, not a replacement to in the
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classroom teaching. >> that makes sense. >> happening now in san francisco, activists fight lg a new law bang nudity. a judge has been asked to block that law from going into affect on february 1. and he considers a lawsuit. the first hearing held today. no decision made. opponents argue the banw violates their first amendment freedom rights. they claim nudity is a political statement. attorneys representing the city claim it's a matter of public health as well as safety. >> high speed rail is one step closer to==áreality. they're searching for trains to run up to 220 miles per hour along both costs. the prices could please critics saying the rail project is too pricey. officials expect to purchase 60 trains in 10 year autos people looking up reviews for san francisco restaurants can
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soon turn to yelp other -- for things other than adnx favorite dish. >> take a look at how safe and sanitary each restaurant is. more from san francisco. >> there is 3500 restaurants in san francisco. finding what you like can take searching. >> i go to the same two restaurants over and over. >> many turn to yelp to see what real customers have to say but it doesn't tell the whole story. >> yel sp. helpful for knowing what people think about thel÷;@q experience. not getting information about this is working in the kitchen or how things are being kept. >> brett walters will know about his favorite restaurant or a new one, yelp is partnering with the health department to provide health inspection ratings with customer comments. all in the same of transparency and food safety.
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dave lennongood says customers have a right to know. >> those r restaurants you won't want to go to anyway. so this could make them look elsewhere. >> new information can be helpful but inspection data could gross you out. >> there is too much information for you? >> no. no. i want to know more. yeah. i want to know befrg the germ autos others say they don't. they'll relie on first impressions. >> this is common sense. if you go somewhere, you can make your own decision. >> health inspection information for restaurants has been available online. the partnership with the city will be ramping up over the k@y months. >> finally, it's feeling warmer out there. >> yes. slow lie yes. we're getting there. >> no problem with the
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warming. there is a chill we can't get rid of. an absence of clouds, sfliz around the bay area, this is our second spare the air day. and air quality continues to be in decline, tomorrow will be the third spare the air day. we expect poor air quality in the north bay and central bay. other locations will have moderate air quality so here is the forecast this, evening, clear, cool, numbers ranging from mid-50s to low 50s. tomorrow morning chilly across the board. lows from upper 20s to 30s for much of the bay area, afternoon, sunny skies and a bit hazy with particulate matter in the air. above average highs though, highs from 60s on coast to mid-60s around the bay and inland locations. and that is not wherep2tñ÷ the d weather ends.
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i'll give you a look just ahead. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news, are you getting your money worth? a famous sandwich that comes up short. >> sometimes you don't want a $20 bill when you go to atm. now smrks banks making their machines more customer friendly. >> and the confusing tale around notre dame linebacker. he says he's the victim of a sick jork others are skeptical. >> thursday tend to be a heavy day for the community this, is proving so for drivers trying to make their way east better for drivers heading south to the peninsula and beyond. stay with us. abc 7 news
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american airlines is doing something it has not done in 45 years, changing a look and logo. the airline released these images of the logo and paint job today. it's the first logo change since 1968 and the sixth for the airline since 1934. you cancó8,3 see how it's changd throughout the years. the airline says he's been working for a while now. >> this began when launching biggest air of the craft order in the history of aviation. and at that time, we realized we had a great opportunity to
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refresh and modernize our company. >> american expects a third of the fleet. we're talking about 200 planes or so will sport this new look. rest will be repainted within five years and will extend to signs, kiosks and american's member webb si. american airlines is not saying how much this will cost. >> looks days of being forced to withdraw money in $20 increments are coming to an enld. chase and pnc rolling out machines dispensing exact change to the dollar allowing customers to withdraw $1 and $5 bills and will be able to dispense coins. they're free for customers. >> the problem grounding ñ liner fleet could be a big fix -- quick fix. >> well, aviation authorities in u.s., europe and india
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ground dream liner flights around the world. the faa is now gailting whether defective lithium batteries may be the root of the problem.ehw if that is true, koit mean just a small nem of the 787s are faulty and most planes could be flying again sooner than later. the information is preliminary. now, intel and 4th quarter earnings now. sales down 3% coming in at $13.5 billion. profit dropped 27% to two and a half billion dollars. this is still trying to gain in the smart phone market. and now, we're learning that the private he can qity firm raised $7 billion for latest fund.
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analysts estimate it could take $2 million in debt for the most is six years. and markets today a jump in-housing smarts and a better than expected report helped push jobs higher. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed higher as well, intel, ebay and yahoo pulling it up zand accusing former employees ever swiping sensitive company documents before going work for rival invidia. amd says four workers transferred 100,000 files containing confidential information from licensing agreements to key products. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, thank you. >> there is a subway sandwich scandal going on. a man posted this picture, he
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put a tape measure next to a foot long and it shows... just 11 inches. immediately more than 131,000 liked or commented on that foto one inch 2józ causing quite an uproar this, is over missing meat, cheese and tomatoes. >> and bread. >> bread, too. there smor than enough bread tlchl the company says it's committed to providing a consistent product delivering bread to the length may vary slightly when not baked to specifications so it's about the baking. >> and that is about 11 -- 1 -- 12th of the price. >> i couldn't get away with a six day forecast, right? here is a look in the western sky. an hour away from sunset. it's a beautiful sky. here is a look at clear skies
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that we just saw. temperatures right now mainly hoo upper 50s to low 60s, one warm spot, mild spot. 66 degrees in redwood city. 62 here in san francisco. 59 across the bay in oakland. lovely weather that is only going to get lovelyer. there apparently it won't be good tomorrow, either. saturday morning it will be sunny, mild throughout the weekend. there are lots of people looking for favorable conditions. wave rights are increasing and northwest swells up to 20 feet, long currents could be a problem, right now, you canwjmh÷ see wave heights are pretty low. temperature range still cold in spots during early morning hours.
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28 in fairfield. 82 lir livermore, temperatures though still chilly, will be gradually moderating over next couple nights.o]ñ
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>> she says the president saved her life, now this bay area woman is on the way to president obama's inauguration. the story is new at 4:30. >> another look at traffic right now. heading into san francisco, taking toll plaza, smooth sailing really not much traffic coming into the city this afternoon. stay with us. mo
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a birthday for a funny lady and why stars are leaving hollywood for someplace colder. >> stars and movie makers leaving hollywood for park city, utah today. it's the start of the big sundance film festival. about 50,000 people are expected to head to the snow-filled town for the event. it will be filled with award shows and tons of movie premiers. last year, beast of theq6ñ
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southern wild preem yeerd now it's up for best picture, qqó time actress betty white turns 91 today. she's known for the golden girl buzz to this date dait, she's hard at work starring off their rockers. twit light stars kristin stewart and robert pattinson are hollywood's highest grossing romantic couple. twilight earned $624 million. putting them high abust rest. in second place, channing tatum and rachel mcadams with "the vow". get more entertainment news by liking us on our facebook page or on twitter. >> pauline grims better known to millions as dear abby died
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after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. her column reached an estimated 95 million people per day n 2002 her daughter took over and pauline phillips was 94 years old. >>zx:gñ people normally write a check when paying property taxes but one man had a different approach he did. he drove to the tax office with $14,000 in change and dollar bills in the back of his suv. he says he lost his tree business in part because he couldn't pay taxes so he went to great lengths to collect this money. >> i had to borrow money. i missed -- missing payments on the home to pay for taxes on this piece of property. my grandkids piggy banks, daughter's piggyñ]9h banks my money, change and people just offered to help a little bit as they can.(bñó he says he rolled them himself,
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staffers at the tax office spent time counting thrk but they d $14,000 worth. >> he's the worst nightmare, ever if you work in a tax office, oh no,. >> surprising they accepted it cash is cash. >> still ahead at 4:00 details in the murder of a wealthy businessman and gang ties that could be connected to his death. >> a bizarre story involving a notre dame star and his fake girlfriend. police are still questioning who was involved in thisx&e#p h. >> talking about smart phone jhñ new and a look at technology that could guarantee you'll never take
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we're learning more now about the home invasion murder of a healthy south bay businessman. >> and the threat that binds them altogether. >> vic lee is in thex0dt newsrm with more on that. vic? >> the story reportedly involves gangs, prostitution and an unsafeory relationship between one suspect and the murder victim. all of the documents in the case have been sealed by a santa clara county judge. and the prosecution, they're not talking. we are learn more through our sources and published reports.
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millionaire businessman was murdered in the home invasion robbery, found dead inside of his mansion. police still aren't saying how he was killed but three men and a woman have been arrested in connection with the murder. a 26-year-old lucas anderson, javier garcia and deangelo charged with accessory to the murder, deangelo report lid a member of an oakland street gang called money team tied into drugs and home invasions. javier garcia said to be a member of a west oakland gang called ghostown. two years ago a multi agency task force decap tated the leader of ghostown. >> they're going through into the back. so we just walked into the
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closet, we hit hid. >> in august, abc 7 news interviewed one two of brothers who hid in their closet in a house arks cording to reports, members of the money team were responsible for that attempted robbery. >> talking about murders. robberies and shootings. >> on monday, in a news conference to address the shootings had oakland, police chief jordan said the money team was one two of feuding groups responsible for the violence in a city. sources say raven dixon worked a source with knowledge of the investigation tells us dixon talked with friends about her relationship with kumra. the source adds garcia told austin with her wealthy client and where he lived. austin, garcia and anderson then report lid planned home invasion. all four arrested face gang enhancement charges. now, initial police ú
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says dixon was wearing a gucci belt which was noted is a symbol of an oakland street4qcry gang. again, the court documents have been sealed. her lawyer tells us he's talked to his client many times, she insists she never met he the other three defendants before. >> thank you. >> the colorado movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people and wounded 59 others reopens this evening. a privatei%45s ceremony billed a night of remembrance begins in a half hour. colorado governor and aurora mayor expected to attend. officials distributed 2000 tickets to victims and families. some families are boycotting this event. >> the fact we're being used as pawns they were using as a momentos for public ticket sales telling public well, look.
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the family members of the massacre came back. and it's okay for them to come back. it's going to be okay for you guys, too. >> some victims say it's important to reclaim this theater part of the healing process. the theater reopens to general public a week from tomorrow. >> lance armstrong has been strip fd a bronze medal he won in the 2006 olympic games in sydney. there is a letter requesting he return that medal based on doping. in an interview with oprah winfrey that airs tonight and tomorrow. armstrong lost his tour de france titles and rights to compete in competitive skports faces lawsuits from former sponsors and others, claiming fraud. vraud. surrounding notre dame linebacker titao. he says he was duped falling in love with a fictitious
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girlfriend and mourning the death. some are skeptical he is an innocent victim. >> it's a bizarre hoax gegt more complicated. we catched as the star linebacker played through the loss of a girlfriend he met on line to leukemia. >> i just found out my grandmother passed away. you know? and td love of my live. >> turns out she was a fabrication. the story, a lie. reportedly perpetrate bid an acquaintance. the athlete insisting he had nothing to do with it, to realize ways the victim of what was someone's sick joke and lies was and is, painful and humiliating. they were persuaded to dig deeper. >> we looked up funeral homes in carson, california. nobody by that name had been bury there'd. >> they aren't convinced 6 his innocence. >> why where y.would someone hoax someone?
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>> and he does have supporters. notre dame is in his corner. >> this is an elaborate hoax. >> i believe he was duped into a fake relationship. >> his hometown is on his side, too. >> we know he won't do that. >> now, the man behind the documentary catfish about internet dating hoaxes wants to help. reaching out via twitter. i know how you feel, it happened to me, let's talk. officials say they launched an investigation when finding out about the hoax. it's unclear why they waited so long to reveal the truth. >> we're following breaking news in vallejo. is a live picture from sky 7 over the seen.
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truck. this happened within the past hour in vallejo and appears the driver was not hurt. we're told two people may have been injured. >> coming uphr3%ñ special vehice from a popular movie hits the bay. >> plus, power play to get their parents to give them a pet. >> and from mount tam looking towards ocean beach another spare the air day. air quality@ú not so hot. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> at 4:35 a live look at traffic. we're check out#tll golden gate bridge here. traffic heading back into sanor francisco. slower northbound crossing the the gol
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siblings in one town will be getting a new puppy and have facebook to thank for it. >> they asked their parents if they can get a puppy if receiving a kblinl likes on facebook. mom and dad agreed thinking there is no way it happened and it took just seven hours. they got the idea from another family using this approach to get a cat. >> you cave withd$jy your kids before getting on facebook. going okay, okay. >> a million likes is a slow
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day for spencer christian. >> weekend is coming up. clear skies right now. pleasant conditions around the bay area. this was nompblg spare the air day. we have sunny, mild conditions holding for a while. showers around miami. fargo's high is 11. nice and mild up to 71 in phoenix. here is the highs of 54 in eureka. 60s in sacramento, warm down south. highs of 76 in los angeles, 73 in palm springs and 72 in san diego. our milder weather pattern continues to build here in the bay area we'll see mild afternoon, high temperatures up to 66 degrees in fremont.lñ?ç
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68 down in santa cruz. that is worth tooking at also. >> exactly. we have really pleasantt!uñ weather coming our way. weekend looking spectacular. more at 5:00 and 6:00. >> perfect. we'll see you then. >> jimmy kimmel getting to the bottom of two what sets girls and boys apart in case you're not clear to the delight of you tube audiences. >> first, circle of life on camera. >> thank you. what is trending with another look at hottest videos climbing up charts. first stop a cadet releases a pet mouse into the wild with disastrous results. >> oh, no. no! >> sorry, whiskers. that. >> uch next, terry captured
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this foot yachblg a delowerin hovering around the san francisco bay. the craft constructed in 2010 by a grad student. the vehicle doesn't just travel on water it can move on any flat surface but top speed only 45 miles per hour. not 88. so, no time travel for now. final lirk jimmy kimmel sat down with kids to get thoughts on differences between boys and girls. >> well, boys like doing rough stuff. girls like doing, kind of like kind and soft. >> my thoughts exactly. nailed it that. will do it for today's trending videos onlichblt see you next time, bay area..x >> and the guests tonight are mark wahlberg and it airs week nights at its new time here on abc 7 following abc 7 news at
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11:00. and night line follows jimmy kimmel. >> coming up here at 4:00 cancer death rates dropping over the past two decades. >> a friendly bet ed lee make as head of the nfl championship game. >> i'm michael finny. are you tired of taking bad photos on your phone? new technology promising to hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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this afternoon a report suggests death rates from dramatically in two decades. the overall rate dropped 20% from the peak in 1991 translating to a decline of one million deaths during that time and death rates continue to decline for lung, colon, breast and prostate cancers but it is estimated 1.6 million americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year and 580,000 of those will be fatal. >> u.s. da is issuing a
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warning about sorry, fda issuing a warning about metal on metal hip implants a apparently they can cause soft tissue damage and pain. which could lead to additional surgeries. the warning follows several recalls made by johnson and johnson. añ with a plastic pocket. >> starting next week, it will require work inside of the trance bay tube this, work is in advance of the next phase of bart's earthquake strength project. after 10:00 p.m. trains traveling to west oakland will have to share a track this, is part of the project expected to last a few weeks. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side for a report on new camera technology.
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>> and michael finney is here with detail autos are you here with a camera? >> with a real camera? >> yes. these guys will help. tire fd taking photographs? one could snap up your game. many coming with camera features. consumer reports says new technologies can help you solve age-old challenges, like a pro. this professional photographer says it can be tough to get a good group foto. >> it can make or break a photograph if just one spern blinking or with a bad expression. >> but what if you can get the best take of each person, combining them. >> you can do this with some camera autos after snapping a photo choose a person, thumb through poses in the photos you've taken, pick one and combine witness best takes of
4:47 pm
the other people of the photo. you have the best possible picture. >> it takes care of another problem. if someone ruins your shot walking in on it, you can remove them oo. all have you to do is tap on what you don't want. the camera takes ate way. like cheese. the camera takes the picture, it's on phones like samsung galaxy note 2. ever miss a shot? it senses when your fing jer about to snap and takes multiple shots so you don't miss the moment. you'll have fewer excuses for taking a bad photo.
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features beginning to show up in coming years. >> that is remarkable. >>adh) it's cool. >> it's like photo shop but simplified. >> yes. you don't have to do a thing. >> yes. problem is when we do photo shoots carolyn highlight larry, remove larry. >> it's not true. >> this is missing something. >> delete, delete. >> a friendly wager promises to add color to this weekend's 49ers game its become colors will line up losing city hall fr a night f 49ers win, lanta city hall been covered in red and gold. if cal cons win, ed lee will
4:49 pm
let city hall wear red and white. >> not much of a bet, real yeechl they usually do the food thing. >> that is not best mayor wager. >> this family got to take a picture during a tour of candle stick park. they're excited for niners quest. >> let's take a look at a picture of isabel, now. this is adorable. her grandmother says she's born and raised a niner fan. we're posting them and hope to show many as we can. >> and do not forget abc 7 news sports reporter is traveling to cover the nfc championship game on sunday. shu's reports start tomorrow. >> still ahead, special bible
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used in president obama's inauguration. >> how she says the commander in chief saved her life. samaritan and a rescue. a major gets a sensational exhibit filled with explosive images from space. look at these images. you'll see more of th
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she fell into a coma. this video shows every insurance company shane contacted denied coverage because of her preexisting condition. >> it emotionally the lowest that i've felt because at that point, without health insurance, how was it i.going to have access to treatment? >> when affordable health care act kicked in she was able to apply, she got it and then got operation that saved her life. >> and i have made a 100% full recovery and dr. laugten's team saved my life. >> and she became part of the reelection campaign telling her story in this campaign video how aferdable health care act give her back her life. >> i'm a fully functional member of society, i'm working. >> she's working two jobs one in a bank, and one here at
4:55 pm
rock health, helping start ups. tonight, she's heading to washington, d.c. to attend president's inauguration as one of eight citizen co-chairs. >> i know i will be attending inauguration. >> it's a pretty good bet she's going to get a chance to thank the president personally. >> i'd like to. i'd like to meet michelle obama. yae. i hope to. >> coming up we'll tell you about a man who wrote his own ticket to the inauguration. and one san francisco piano player and this will be his first inauguration. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> ebay and craig's list stepping up. presidential inauguration, you're looking at video from a rehearsal.
4:56 pm
the senator says the companies agreed to remove listings for tickets costing up to $2,000 each. it's not illegal to sell them, but the tickets people get from congress are supposed to be free. >> loud rehearsal there. >> the president will again use lincoln bible. the bible first used by president abraham lincoln in 1861 also use bid mr. obama in 2008. he will use a bible belonging to martin luther king junior at the inauguration. the bibles will be placed one on top of another. abc 7 coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of abc's good morning america. we'll stream live from washington, d.c. on abc 7 starting at 6:30 a.m. monday morning. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm care yes lynn johnson. >> i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. san jose mother changes her story. the fake child
4:57 pm
abduction that tore at every parent's heart strings and charges she can now face. >> a bay area flu clinic from heels of the first flu-related death. >> hi there, everyone parkts of the bay area could feel more warming heading into the weekend. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> good evening, i'm an ashley. >> breaking news tonight in the south bay. >> a san jose woman claim aid man tried to snatch her toddler admits it's a lie. wire live with late details on this. >> police say there is outrage tonight after this mother admitted that she made this whole thing up. ples say it turned out this woman does have a criminal histry. they won't go into that background. they say this hoax wasted valuable police resource asks
4:58 pm
created unnecessary fear. this mother, talking to abc 7 news yesterday could now face charges of filing a false police report. she told us, and police, how she had to physically wrestle her 3-year-old away from the man who tried to kidnap the child from in front of the family home. police spent hours putting tolgt a sketch base ond a detailed description the woman provided. detectives were initially convinced by her claims but say her story unraveled. you can hear what they she told us yesterday. >> my daughters and i were playing outside this, guy was walking by. he started talking about how pretty my daughters were, and the nationality and all that. and he came down to talk to my 3-year-old picking her up by her ankles and started pulling
4:59 pm
her from me. >> when you think about the many lives affected as a result of the claim and fear it caused. police say they are now talking with the district attorney to see, and urge, the file a criminal charge against this woman. if convicted it's a misdemeanor and she can face up to six months in jail. police nort going into motives and he say they're looking into it but she did create lies and what she did was despicable. >> thank you. we do have more breaking news out of oakland this time. a car being chased by alameda county sheriffs crashed into another car on coolidge avenue


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